Why are you so against Bigg Boss?

We’re halfway through the ninth season of Bigg Boss, which has cemented its status as India’s most divisive reality show.

The show, which is a rip-off of Big Brother in the United Kingdom, puts together a few well-known personalities and invites them to live together for 90 days. All in the competition is cut off from the rest of the country. They are prohibited from using any medium of media or correspondence, including newspapers and television. There isn’t even a calendar or a watch available to the housemates.

The show has continued to earn a somewhat poor image eight seasons since its debut. Most people’s perceptions of the show are that it is nothing more than petty debates and attention-seeking candidates – all that a ‘sophisticated’ person would avoid in terms of television programming. Read about Bigg Boss Mx Player.

For others, this is the aspect of televised culture that is far too honest. Others may believe that they are too wealthy to enjoy this type of entertainment.

  1. If you’re one of the people who refuses to watch Bigg Boss, here are a few details that could persuade you to reconsider.

This is likely one of the few entertainment-themed shows on Indian television that accurately reflects the nation. Actors, non-actors, politicians, doctors, judges, campaigners, social workers, homemakers, executives, costume designers, models, hair stylists, and journalists have all appeared in the Bigg Boss house over the years.

It’s not every day that you see such a diverse group of people forced to interact on Indian television.

  1. If you believe Bigg Boss is scripted, you are mistaken. In a single day, how many times will anyone fake emotions? The contestants who live together are aware that they are constantly surrounded by cameras.

About the fact that only one hour of the day’s events is broadcast on television, Bigg Boss is broadcast live on the channel’s website 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Although it is incredibly difficult to fake feelings or even a whole identity for so long, it is impossible to maintain faking for the three months that the contestants are locked inside the home.

  1. Do you believe that glorifying black magic, the saas-bahu drama, or violent cartoons are more dangerous to society? Alternatively, a display that serves to hold up a mirror to all of us as a culture.

Do you ever feel like you’re not quite fitting in? Do you ever wear two faces: one for yourself and one for the rest of the world? Do you speak out when you see injustice? Do you take pride in your achievements? If you agree with the most of the above, you’re much like the Bigg Boss contestants. The display acts as an unrealistic version of life at times, forcing you to consider what you will do in that scenario. Bigg Boss is a fascinating look at the human mind.

  1. The tasks that the housemates are required to complete in the house are those that test a person’s physical and mental abilities. The candidates who have gone into the house and stayed there for even a week have admitted to seeing a different side of life there. The activities also serve to strengthen their interpersonal bonds.

How many television actresses would claim to have broken a world record for their performances? Actress Kamya Punjabi did just that in Season 7 of the show. She sat in a small wooden box for almost 48 hours, breaking the previous record of 42 hours. She not only won the task, but she also set a new world record.

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